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Hellopet House Is an Adorable Time-Management Game, Out Now After Smashing 500k Pre-registrations

Hellopet House, from Appxplore and iCandy, is a casual time-management game based on the popular virtual pet app Hellopet.

It takes the adorable critters from that game and transports them into a huge, ramshackle mansion. Your goal is to renovate this mansion while keeping you growing family of pets happy and well-fed.

Prior to landing on Google Play and the App Store, Hellopet House smashed through the 500,000 pre-registrations barrier – and it’s not hard to see why. It’s the perfect blend of chilled-out kitten grooming and frantic food service, letting you split your time between relaxing at home and going crazy in the kitchen. 

The time-management gameplay sees you assembling meals for a succession of hungry pets. You’ll be working under strict time pressure, feeding furry customers who are perpetually in a hurry and incapable of waiting more than a few seconds for their orders to be served. Each stage has its own specific goals and fail states, too, keeping you on your toes at all times. 

There’s also gardening activities such as arranging flower baskets and renovation tasks including mixing paints and planing wood – these change every 20 levels to offer you new challenges too.

Fortunately, you can relax between shifts, spending the stars you earn on doing up your beautiful mansion. More and more pets will be added to your collection as you complete the time-management stages and work your way through the story, and you can customize these pets with a variety of adorable collars and hats.

You can also play with them, of course, and one of your main duties is to make sure your little cats and dogs are being fed, washed, stroked, and entertained. 

Hellopet House is our kind of casual game – one with bite. While the home renovation and pet care stuff is gentle and easygoing, there’s plenty of challenge to be found in the kitchen, ensuring that you’ll still be playing Hellopet House through Thanksgiving and beyond. 

You can download Hellopet House for free right now on Google Play and the App Store.

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