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Knightin+, the ‘Zelda-lite’ Adventure, Is Coming to Mobile via Publisher Crescent Moon Games

Crescent Moon Games has announced that it will publish Knightin+, the “Zelda-lite” adventure from Muzt Die Studios, on mobile.

Released on PC in 2018, Knightin+ sees you playing as Sir Lootalot, an endearing pixel-art character on a quest to accumulate as much loot as possible in a series of dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, magic, and other fantasy stuff.

While Knightin+ has a coveted “very positive” rating on Steam, its reviews elsewhere are fairly mixed. Reviewers have criticised it for being overly simplistic while praising its stylish pixel-art presentation and streamlined dungeon-solving gameplay.

We think it sounds like a pretty good fit for mobile. Crescent Moon hasn’t given a release date, or even a vague indication of when the game might be out, but we’ll let you know as soon as it arrives.

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