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Titan Quest: Legendary Edition Is Available on the Google Play Store Now for $19.99

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition, HandyGames’s overhauled version of the popular Titan Quest, is out now on the Google Play Store for an eyebrow-raising $19.99.

Originally released in 2006, Titan Quest is a sprawling action-RPG set in a variety of different ancient mythologies, including those of Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and China. It sees you fighting legendary monsters, levelling up, and generally doing RPG stuff with a big sword.

It’s a huge and well-regarded game, with 150 skills, 80 mythological creatures, 30 character classes, a day/night cycle, and a purported 60 hours of gameplay.

However, its history was bumpy until HandyGames acquired the game a couple of years ago. The long overdue Legendary Edition brings the mobile port up to speed with the PC version, improving the graphics and adding the Atlantis, Ragnarok, and Immortal Throne DLCs. These are also now available as DLC in Titan Quest HD.

It’s not cheap, though. While we hesitate to argue that $19.99 isn’t a fair price to pay for 60 hours of top notch gameplay, we’re accustomed to games costing less on the Google Play Store than they do on Steam.

In any case, you can download Titan Quest: Legendary Edition right now.

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