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Titan Quest Finally Has Controller Support on Android

Titan Quest, the popular swords and sandals action-RPG from HandyGames, finally has controller support on Android, years after it first went live on the Google Play Store.

Before you ask, so does Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is a critically acclaimed ARPG in which you have to romp around in ancient Greece, Egypt, and China hacking mythical monsters to bits with a variety of satisfyingly primitive weapons.

It’s a huge game, boasting tens of hours of gameplay, and HandyGames has turned out to be a worthy curator of the experience on mobile.

Controller support was the only missing piece of the puzzle. The latest update has brought that sorry state of affairs to an end, however, so now you can enjoy a bloody rampage through the classical world just as Zeus intended.

Titan Quest is available on the Google Play Store. So is Titan Quest: Legendary Edition.

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