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Mythological ARPG Titan Quest Is Just $2.49 Right Now on Android

Titan Quest, HandyGames’s God of War-esque action-RPG based in world mythology, is on sale for just $2.49 right now on Android, down from $7.99.

Originally released for PC in 2006, Titan Quest sees you setting out to defeat the Titans, who have escaped from prison and are currently attempting to destroy the earth.

Unlike God of War, which confines itself to ancient Greek mythology, Titan Quest takes you all over the place. You’ll explore ancient Greece, Babylon, Egypt, and China, brutally slaying monsters through the magic of archery, swordsmanship, and, er, magic.

The game boasts a huge open world, a day/night cycle, 30 different character classes, 150 skills, 1200 items, and a playing time of 60 hours.

Not back for $2.49. You can download Titan Quest on the Google Play Store.

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