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Huntdown, the Cult Hit Bounty-Hunting Comedy Shooter, Is Out Now on Android

Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger Games have released Huntdown on mobile. You can download it now on the Google Play Store.

Originally designed for mobile devices before taking a detour to PC and consoles, Huntdown is bounty-hunting shooter with some nifty 16-bit era retro graphics. It claims “the 80s” as its inspiration.

Huntdown sees you charging around a neon-soaked dystopian city, using an assortment of weapons to take down an assortment of no-good thugs. There are missiles, explosions (related to the missiles, we assume), and hundreds of comedy one-liners.

Other weapons include tomahawks and boomerangs, though you’d better hope you’re not armed with either of these when a machine gun-toting hood struts around the corner.

There are 20 levels in Huntdown, covering every dystopian urban environment from alleyways to rooftops. There’s a casino stage, too. The three playable characters, meanwhile, are an ex-commando called Anna Conda, a cyborg called John Sawyer, and a modified droid called Mow Man.

Bad. Ass.

Download Huntdown for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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