Huntdown is an upcoming arcade shooter that’s heading to Android soon

If you’ve been around for the golden era of console and PC gaming, back when arcades were big and popular, arcade shooters were some of the more popular games to play. There were games like Contra, Metal Slug, and so on which you could literally waste hours playing, and many people including myself did do that. Huntdown is an upcoming arcade shooter for Android that features the same sort of style the old school titles had.

In Huntdown players will be taking control of our pixelated hero who seems to be out to save his city from all kinds of bad guys intent on taking it over. The theme is a cyberpunk one, so you’ll have robots, cyborgs, punk-looking bad guys, and everything else in that genre to deal with, all of which are trying to kill you.

The developers are fans of the old school arcade shooter genre, having grown up with those games. So they are apparently keeping the whole thing authentic, right down to how they are developing it using hand-drawn pixel animations and using old tracker-programs for the soundtrack. That is a good amount of work right there.

Unfortunately there is no specific release date or pricing information for Huntdown, only that it will be released onto mobile (Android/iOS) in the near future. In the meantime though, you can check out the game’s trailer above to see some of the gameplay.

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