Day: March 7, 2016

Game News

Huntdown is an upcoming arcade shooter that’s heading to Android soon

If you’ve been around for the golden era of console and PC gaming, back when arcades were big and popular, arcade shooters were some of the more popular games to play. There were games like Contra, Metal Slug, and so on which you could literally waste hours playing, and many people including myself did do that. Huntdown is an upcoming arcade shooter for Android that features the same sort of style the old school titles had.

Game News

Korean RPG Buddy Rush has a sequel rolling out at the end of the month

Released by Sollmo, Buddy Rush 2 is the sequel to the original Buddy Rush, and is being rolled out onto Android. Like the first one, the game’s visuals are focused on being “cute’, so the characters are all rendered with large heads on smallish bodies, in an almost doll-like fashion. All the characters, controlled by players or NPC, good or bad, are known as “buddies”.