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Deck-Building Roguelike Breach Wanderers Out Now in Android Early Access

Deck-building roguelikes are all the rage nowadays, which isn’t a surprise, because loads of them are really good. And it looks like another really good one has just gone live in early access on the Play Store – Breach Wanderers.

Even the name sounds pretty cool. Just saying it conjures up all sorts of cyber-fantasy coolness. What’s the breach? Where are people wandering? And so on and so forth.

The game certainly looks like it shares some common DNA with Slay the Spire, another awesome roguelike deck-builder. Whether Breach Wanderers can keep up with Slay the Spire’s awesomeness remains to be seen though.

You build your own custom deck before you step out into the breach, adding extra bits and bobs like guild upgrades to tailor your character to the way you play. Which sounds nice.

If you’d like to give Breach Wanderers a go, and we imagine that you would, you can click here to download the game from the Google Play Store right this second.

Bear in mind that the game is in early access, so it might be a little rough around the edges. For more on Breach Wanderers, click here to visit the game’s official wesbite.

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