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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Revolution’s Upcoming Beta

Metal Revolution, the fantastic-looking upcoming robo-beat-’em-up is about to enter the second phase of it’s closed beta. And we’ve got all of the details you need to know to be in with a chance to take part.

The beta is split into two parts, as revealed by a tweet from the game’s official account that you can check out by clicking here. The first part of the beta is region specific and is going to kick off on Android on July 26th. The second part won’t be region-locked, but you will need a key to get in. That starts on July 27th.

Details haven’t been released yet as to how you can get a key to participate, but we reckon that heading over to the game’s official website and pre-registering might put you in with a decent shout.

There is a closed beta link on the website, but clicking on it just greets you with a pop-up saying ‘coming soon’. Which isn’t really all that helpful. It’s probably going to be worth your while keeping an eye on the Metal Revolution Twitter for more info too.

We’ve been pretty excited about Metal Revolution for a while now, mainly because robots kicking the techno-crap out of each other lands squarely in our wheelhouse.

You can click here to check the game’s Google Play Store page and see if you can get your pre-order in too. We’ll let you know when we find out any more info about Metal Revolution.

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