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Soothing RPG My Time at Portia Out Now and On Sale for Android

We’ve been excited to get our hands and fingers on the Android version of My Time at Portia for a while now. Well, that wait is over, because the acclaimed sim RPG has gone live on the Google Play Store.

The game sees you taking over your father’s workshop, building, crafting, making new friends and generally having quite a lovely time trying to rebuild society in a primary-colored post-apocalyptic not-quite-a-waste.

The game is genuinely lovely and has received all sorts of praise since it’s been out on home platforms. And now you can carry it around with you wherever you go. Let’s sit for a moment and watch a trailer, that’ll be nice.

And in even better news, the game is having a launch sale as well. Right now the game will set you back $5.49, down from its regular price of $7.99. If you needed another reason to get the game, well there’s one right there.

You can click here to download My Time at Portia from the Google Play Store for its dirt-cheap launch price. You’ll need a device with 3GB of RAM that’s running at least Android 9.0 for it to work, though.

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