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Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Landing for Android on September 21st

The next chunk of DLC for Dead Cells is called Fatal Falls, and Playdigious has revealed that it’s set to land on Android on September 21st. The DLC already came out for most other platforms earlier in the year, so it’s about time we caught up.

Fatal Falls adds new mid-game content to the Dead Cells experience, letting you pick a new path through the heart of the game. It adds new biomes, new enemies and a new boss.

Of course, there’s a trailer that explains some of what’s going on in Fatal Falls. And because we like you almost as much as we like embedding trailers in news stories, we’ve embedded it in this news story just below this paragraph.

Fatal Falls will be paid DLC when it launches on September 21st, and it’ll come as a $3.99 IAP. Alongside that the game is getting a free update that adds Custom Mode to the game.

That’ll let you tweak some of the settings, changing how items appear, your starting costumes and more. Everyone with Dead Cells will be able to get that for free, although it’s worth noting it won’t work with the auto-hit mode.

If you haven’t played Dead Cells yet, you can pick it up from the Play Store by clicking here. It’s a brilliant roguelite action platformer that’s filled with challenge, violence and fun.

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