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Catan – World Explorers, Niantic’s AR Take on the Board Game, is Shutting Down

Last year, Niantic, the dev behind the likes of Pokemon GO, revealed that is was working on an AR game set in the world of Catan. It was called Catan – World Explorers, and it made is as far as soft-launch in a couple of countries.

Well, that’s as far as the game is going to get. A blog post over at the game’s official site has revealed that over the coming months the game is shutting down completely.

It’s a shame that the game never saw the light of a global day, but then the appetite for location based AR games seems to have fallen off a cliff since Pokemon GO launched, and translating the mechanics of a board game into a real world MMO appears to have been too much.

If you’ve been part of the soft launch beta, you can transfer the gold you’ve earned or bought in the game to Pokemon GO if you’d like. You can find out how to do that by clicking here.

The game never really seemed to get off the starting blocks, with the beta version on the Play Store getting some pretty bad reviews, mainly concerning bugs and crashes.

Catan – World Explorers will shut down for good on November 17th. In the meantime Niantic says it’ll be making a few changes to the gameplay to make player’s last months with the game a bit more exciting.

Via Android Police

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