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Mimelet is the Latest Game From Neutronized, Out Now for Android

Neutronized has made some pretty darn awesome arcade platformers over the years, and its latest game – Mimelet – fits nicely into that same mold. It’s an engaging leaper with an interesting twist, and it’s out right now on the Play Store.

The game sees you jumping around cute-looking environments, bouncing on the heads of your enemies to kill them. The twist is that bouncing on a foe gives you their powers.

That turns the levels into sort of short metroidvania blasts as you collect the skills you need to get past the obstacles and reach the end. Here’s a trailer for your eyes.

There’s a lot to love here, even if things can occasionally get a little annoying. It looks and sounds lovely as well, and we reckon it’s well worth some of your precious time.

You can click here to download Mimelet from the Play Store right now. It’s free, and there’s a one-off IAP to get rid of the adverts and get some cool hats.

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