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Veggie Platformer Sequel Dadish 3 Launching This June

Developer Thomas K Young has revealed that the third game in the Dadish series is launching next month. It’s called Dadish 3, and it features a bunch more sharp-edged platforming for you to sink your teeth into.

The game will feature 50 levels and see you trying to save your radish kids after they’ve gone off on a suspicious field trip. There are five massive bosses to take down as well.

This time round you’ll be wading through a sewer, making friends with a dolphin and getting a piggy-back ride from your ex wife. Who is a tomato. Here’s a trailer.

You’ll be trying to avoid ice cream, cupcakes and bread that’s having a crappy day. There are stars to collect, unlockable secrets and most of the bits and bobs you’d expect from a retro-ish platformer nowadays.

Dadish 3 is set to launch on the Play Store on June 15th. It’s going to be free with ads when it does. Don’t fret though, we’ll be sure to remind you closer to the time.

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