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Space Heist Is a Hyper-Casual Arcade Game, Out Now on Android

As everybody knows, the coolest part of a heist is the getaway. 

Space Heist is all about flying fast and staying alive. This hyper-casual game from Upstairs Studio sees you barrelling at irresponsible speeds down a 12-sided tunnel in a luminous spacecraft. 

This tunnel consists of two different surfaces: one that’s the same color as your ship, and one that isn’t. If you glide over a same-colored stretch of road you’ll lose speed. If you lose too much speed you’ll explode. 

Sticking to the opposite color, meanwhile, lets you pick up speed, earn points, and stay alive. To keep your run going you need to tap on the left and right of the screen to steer yourself towards the safe stretches of road. 

Sounds easy, right? Well it’s not, because there’s another hazard in your way. At numerous points in the tunnel you’ll encounter walls of blocks. Some of these are the same color as your ship, and if you crash into them you’ll lose a life. Lose too many and you’re done. 

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of two power-ups. Speed boosts let you fly without penalty on any surface for a (very) short time. The ray gun lets you change the color of the block you’re hurtling towards. 

You can pick up power-ups on your run, but they’re in short supply so you need to think carefully about when to deploy them. Plus, you can save up for a super-powerful version of either power-up by maxing out your reserves. Power-up tactics are all-important.  

Your reward for a good run is lots of points to spend on a variety of in-game items at the shop. There are new ships on offer, as well as new color themes and extra lives, to help you rack up even more points next time. 

Oh, and there’s a leaderboard to dominate. 

To get started, head to the Google Play Store and download Space Heist for free right now (or the App Store). 

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