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Android PSVita Emulator Vita3K launches its first game

An Android port of PlayStation Vita Emulator Vita3K has only just started development. However, the Android PSVita emulator is already able to play its first game most weeks in. 

Android PSVita Emulator Vita3K works 

Posted on the EmulationonAndroid subreddit, the PlayStation Vita emulator is already working on Android. While far from the state needed to play commercial 3D games, the software is already capable of running a game. 

In the emulator’s development Discord, developer Macdu revealed that the Android PSVita emulator is already booting software. This is a huge milestone for any emulator, especially on mobile. 

In a shared image, the emulator can be seen playing a homebrew port of Celeste Classic. While no frame rate data was given, the fact that it can already load a simple game on Android is impressive. 

There’s still a lot of work to be done at the time of writing. Currently, the Android PSVita Emulator has a very basic user interface. Furthermore, there are no on-screen controls for actually playing games. 

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They have help 

Thankfully, developer Macdu is not porting Vita3K to Android entirely on his lonesome. As it turns out, the developer has some help from some very established Android emulation devs to discuss development with. 

Developer of the best Android Nintendo Switch emulator ByLaws (Billy) can be seen chatting with Macdu. It’s not known how much help is being given with the port, but any assistance with a project this huge is likely appreciated. 

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