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Rayman Jungle Run Review – Platforming Done Right

Google Play may not short of auto-running platformers, but Rayman Jungle Run is a welcome addition. Well, a more than welcome addition in fact. Powered by the same Ubisoft engine that Rayman Origins runs on and developed by Pastagames for mobile devices (I’m hungry already), Rayman Jungle Run is the kind of game you immediately appreciate the moment you start playing.

Game Reviews

Bad Piggies Review: Start thinking of ways to get the pigs to the eggs

Rovio, once known solely for their Angry Birds games which involved slinging birds into pigs (or in one case, cages), has now diversified its gaming portfolio. Their previous game, Amazing Alex, was a puzzler which required you to come up with crazy contraptions to solve simple tasks. Now, they’ve married the antagonists from the Angry Birds universe with the puzzling and contraption-heavy nature of Amazing Alex to come up with Bad Piggies.