5 Android stories you should have read this week

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Didn’t have time to keep up on the Android gaming news this week? Fear not! Droid Gamers is here to help keep you up to date by running you through what you missed.

So sit back, grab a coffee and a cheeky donut, and read on for the top five Android gaming stories you really should have read this week.

The top Android story this week: Supercell is hosting live Clash Royale events called Clash Nights

Played so much Clash Royale that you lost touch with all of your friends? Supercell wants to help. So much so that the developer of the hit arena battler is hosting a bunch of social events soon.

They’re called Clash Nights, and are limited to the US at present. If you attend, you’ll receive 500 gems and get to participate in live tournaments. Find out more info here.

We got a first glance at the mobile prequel to PC MMORPG Tera

It was only a very brief glance, but this week we finally saw what the mobile prequel to the PC MMORPG Tera will look look. And it looks like Tera.

It’s literally a second or so of footage though, so don’t build your hopes up too much. It’s also unclear if that’s exactly what the finished product will look like as well. Watch for yourself below.

Noodlecake held a sweet 99c sale for a bunch of its top games

Sadly, this one’s no longer running, but Noodlecake held a decent 99c sale for a bunch of its top games this week. It’s kind of harsh writing about it, given that you can’t get any of them though.

But then this is a recap of the top news from this week, so we don’t feel too guilty. Instead, try to keep a closer eye on Droid Gamers in future so you can catch these at the time.

Humble Mobile Bundle was back with a bunch of cheap classic puzzlers

Here’s one that hasn’t expired yet though – the latest Humble Mobile Bundle. This one focused on critically acclaimed puzzlers, and you can still get all nine of them for just over $5.

That includes heavyweights like Deus Ex GOSlayaway Camp, and Mini Metro, and the proceeds go to charity. So unless you own all of these already, go and grab them right now.

Angry Birds 2 turned two and got a new clans feature

Wrapping up the news this week is Rovio’s announcement that Angry Birds 2 is now a whole two years old. To celebrate, the hit developer has released a massive update that adds a new clans feature.

That’s exactly as it sounds. You can now play Angry Birds 2 with your friends and complete challenges together to earn rewards for the entire clan. Go and get reacquainted by downloading it on Google Play.

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