Android: 5 games news you should have read this week

Ragnarok M Android

Too busy buying Christmas gifts to keep on top of all of the Android gaming news this week? Not to worry, for we’ve done all of that for you. Below, we’ve rounded up all of the biggest stories from the week for your reading pleasure.

The biggest Android games news this week: Ragnarok M Eternal Love went up for global pre-registration

We got one step closer to the global launch of the hotly-anticipated Ragnarok M this week thanks to the pre-registration finally going live. You can sign up right now to earn exclusive rewards at launch.

Empires: The Rise brings a real RTS experience to mobile

Empires: The Rise is a real RTS game on mobile that challenges you to gather resources, build a base, and order your units to crush your opponents.

Code: Eve is the latest stunning RPG in development at Tencent

Code: Eve is a stunning new RPG that Tencent is currently working on for mobile. Sadly, we’re not sure if there are any plans to bring it to a western audience yet.

Terminator: Survival is a card battler based on the movie franchise

We didn’t see this coming but Terminator: Survial, a card battler based on the hit movie franchise, launched this week. Build a deck and battle Skynet.

Terminator: Survival Android

Slint is a brand new adventure game about exploring a post apocalyptic world

Slint is a brand new adventure game that challenges you to explore a post apocalyptic city when you hear the voice of a survivor.

Slint Android

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