Best New Android Games Released This Week: Bad North, Super 80s World, MONOLISK

New games are something that I look forward to every week. Whether you are looking for a new free-to-play shooter or a premium island-defending experience, this week had it all.


MONOLISK is one of those games I wish I thought of. The aim of the game is to clear other players’ dungeons from around the globe. You can also take on other players by creating your very own dungeon for others to solve. The harder you make your dungeon, the more rewards you will get as the creator.

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a fantastic looking tower defence game. You play as the son of a murdered king and now it’s your job to defend your various islands from the Viking invaders. If you are a fan of strategy games, blood, or just having a darn good time with a mobile game, then you should try out Bad North.

Super 80s World

Super 80s World is a mobile game that iOS has been enjoying for some time. Now it is our turn to get our hands on this 80s themed mobile platformer and experience a heap of nostalgia in the process. Evil Dr. Noid Wormser vows to erase the 1980s, so the fate of this decade falls on the shoulders of one man, Dan Camaro. Guide Dan through 40 levels of synthwave and save the decade he loves.


Alluris isn’t the game for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Alluris is a fantasy adventure game where you make your choices by swiping left and right. The choices are a little more whacky than other adventure games, one option allows you to marry the Queen of Rats. I think that should tell you enough about what type of game Alluris is.

Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast Crew hasn’t technically launched worldwide, but the globe won’t have to wait too long before they can blast zombies with the rest of us. If you live in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Malaysia or the Philippines then you can join the fight against the zombies. If you don’t live in one of the countries listed above, sorry but you will have to skip this one.

Bouncer Story

Bouncer Story is a surprisingly deep simulation of what life could be like in the world of a nightclub bouncer. You are in control of who is on the list and have to maintain a happy bar, club, or whatever establishment you are working for. That’s not all, being a bouncer who fell on hard times, you borrowed money from the wrong people. Now you need to make the right decisions, do you help the police with their investigation? Or will the mafia make you sleep with the fishes?


BonVoyage! Is a nifty puzzle game, inspired by the sliding puzzles a child could get at a bad birthday party. You play as a stranded night and have to slide the right blocks around to get to the end of the level. The campaign features 70 levels and includes a free DLC of 20 extra levels.

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