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Best new Android Games This Week: Albion Online, MergeCrafter, Dinosaur Park and More

Every week here at Droidgamers we like to pick the best games that have landed on the Play Store and share them with you, our discerning, charming and devastatingly attractive readers. And this week is no different.

It’s fair to say it hasn’t been a vintage seven days in the world of Android gaming, but there have still been a few decent games that we reckon are worth your valuable time and attention.

If nothing catches your attention this week, well, we can hardly blame you, but make sure you come back in seven days time where we’ll have another selection of choice Android gaming cuts for you to sink your teeth into.

Euro Five A Side Football 2021

This weeks seems as good a time as ever to play a European competition-themed soccer game. This one might not have the right names, but it’s an entertaining management game all the same – the kind of thing you’re going to enjoy dipping your toes into.

Albion Online

An MMO that’s been doing great guns on PC is now available on mobile. This is a true cross-platform experience as well – you’re getting the same game whether you’re playing on your phone or on mobile. You’re going to have hours and hours of fun with this one.

The Chest: A Cursed Hero

An idle RPG where you’re playing as a chest. That sounds pretty weird, but it actually works pretty darn well. You can add monsters to your party, and spend the gold you earn to upgrade and get stronger. All sounds pretty sick to us.


A mix between those merge-stuff games that have become really popular and those build-stuff games that have also become really popular. Mine ore, chop trees, build things and have a generally lovely time while you’re doing it.

Dinosaur Park – Primeval Zoo

A zoo filled with dinosaurs? There’s no historical precedent for that going horribly wrong, right? Breed your giant lizards, find places for them to live and wow your visitors. Just remember, life finds a way. Chaos theory. Getting eaten on a toilet.


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