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Crescent Moon Games Shows Off Eight Upcoming Mobile Games Launching This Year

Crescent Moon Games is in a generous mood, it seems, as the huge mobile publisher has detailed a whopping eight games that it will bring to mobile this year.

Below, we’re going to detail all of them briefly so you know which are worth your time, and which aren’t.

Path to Mnemosyne

Path to Mnemosyne is an adventure game that challenges you to solve a wide variety of puzzles in hypnotic unsettling surroundings. It’s already available on Steam if you want to learn more or check it out.

Beyond This Side

Beyond This Side is a dark episodic adventure about Sam, a guy whose wife mysteriously disappears. The cops find Sam’s wife’s severed hand in an alleyway, and Sam spends all of his time there – presumably to try and figure out what happened.


Like tile-based puzzlers? Alter is the choice for you. It features a beautifully hand-drawn art style and plenty of levels to dig into.

Tomb Toad

Tomb Toad sees you play as a toad who adventures through a variety of deadly dungeons.

Rog & Roll

If platformers are your jam, Rog & Roll should be on your radar. It’s a speedy platformer that’s designed to look like a long lost NES game.


Swordshot is an action-packed pixel art reaction game that is very minimalist but requires insane reactions from you.


Echoes of Aeons

Echoes of Aeons is a hand-painted RPG that takes you across a wide variety of environments, provides fast-paced 2D combat, and allows you to swap between different characters to gain a tactical advantage.

Solar Knight

Solar Knight challenges you to save a fantasy land that has been cursed by the moon, of all things.

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