Sunborn Launches Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium Pre-Registration Campaign In China

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Sunborn has officially launched it’s Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium pre-registration campaign in China. The long-awaited game seemingly disappeared amidst the Neural Cloud hype. Now, three years after its initial announcement, it looks like Exilium is finally on its way.

The MICA team, which developed the first Girls’ Frontline game, is returning to helm Exilium. It features tactical gameplay that draws inspiration from XCOM. Sunborn is aiming to have the sequel run alongside the original, rather than replace it.

The Doll’s Story Continues

Exilium takes place twelve years after the start of the first game, in 2074. A lot has changed since we last saw the Dolls – the government has shut down Griffin and Kryuger after they deemed it too powerful, and the Commander has had to resort to secretly keeping reitred Dolls active in the field.

But everything isn’t as peace-time blissful as it seems. When the Commander and their squad returns from a delivery mission in the contaminated zone, an unknown force attacks them. After their cargo is stolen, the team must work to get it back, uncovering buried secrets and conspiricies closely related to relics.

But more troubling is what was stolen. The team weren’t just transporting any old cargo, but a mysterious girl.

Development History

As previously discussed, Exilium is the sequel to the first Girls’ Frontline, which launched way back in 2016 in China. Global audiences waited two years before it launched to a wider audience.

Aside from Exilium, Sunborn also announced various projects in 2020, including the spin-offs Neural Cloud and Glitch Land. Neural Cloud has since launched, though Glitch Land was shelved after the lead developer walked away from the studio.

A year later, Sunborn held two closed betas for Girls’ Frontline 2, before going silent for over a year. Thankfully, we’ve seen two trailers in the past year, and with pre-registration being announced, it seems that the sequel is still in order. It’s relieving to see the game’s launch near, rather than witnessing it receive the Glitch Land treatment.

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