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Origame Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Origame is a neat paper folding game by the same guys who made Mr Gun and Dunk Shot. If you are unfamiliar with Origami, it can be best described as folding paper into certain shapes, like a flower or hat.

Origame – How to Become a Paper Folding Maestro

Folding paper is a relaxing way to spend your day if the power was ever to go out. Now you can put your paper folding skills to the test, all while feeling Zen in the process.

  • You can’t rush art. Origami is an art form, it involves precisely folding the paper in such a way that you create an entirely different shape. The key to Origame is to be patient and precise, make sure you make every fold as neat as possible.
  • Press and hold. Once you let go of the screen, you will have used up one fold. So it is important to press and hold down to get your paper positioned perfectly, before its too late.
  • Think about symmetry. If you need to make your paper into a certain shape, often it involves similar moves on each side. If you fold one side into a triangle, often you will need to do something similar to the opposite side.
  • Try to think ahead. You don’t need to always be planning your moves, but think about your fold while or before you do it. If your fold makes like harder, then it probably is the wrong move or a move at the wrong time.
  • Adjust your grip. Sometimes, you will need to fold your paper at an awkward angle. This means before you let go, you slide your thumb or finger left and right to get the right angle for the fold. Remember to not let go until you have matched your fold perfectly.
  • Focus on the biggest line first. When you are presented with the desired shape made of dotted lines, focus on the biggest line first. This ensures you won’t have to do the same fold twice as the biggest fold always comes first.
  • Aim for 100%. The closest you can get your Origami to 100% the more gems you will get. Use these gems to unlock skins which makes folding the paper more visually appealing.

Origame is a relaxing, enjoyable experience where you can unwind in front of your phone or tablet. I am sure serious mobile gamers will find Origame too easy. But for any casual mobile gamers, this is a good way to find your inner peace.

If you want to download a copy of Origame, then grab one from the Google Play Store.

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