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Subway Surfers Blast Launches – Get Your Skateboard Ready!

The featured image for our Subway Surfers Blast launch article, featuring a character from the game offering the camera her milkshake, as she stands infront of the puzzle and diner, also seen in the game.

Over ten years since the first Subway Surfers launched, Sybo Games has released a spin-off. The studio has titled the game Subway Surfers Blast, and the global release is now out for you to try!

Unlike the original, Subway Surfers Blast dives into the puzzle genre of mobile gaming. The game features a variety of colourful puzzles, as well as new locations set in the Subway Surfers world for you to explore. With this in mind, Blast further expands on the lore and world that you’ve come to love over the last 11 years.

Puzzles Galore

The game’s biggest focus is by far the addictively satisfying blast matching mini-game. The game brings an arcade-like spin to puzzle games, as there’s a range of different power ups that you can use (it’s a Subway Surfers game after all!) Some of these abilities include Super Sneakers, the Pogo Stick, Jetpack, the legendary Hoverboard, and more!

Another key feature for the game is the customisation, as you turn moody dens into trendy, new hangout spots for you and your gang. Decorate your base of operations with the stars earned in this unique spin of matches, and expand it to make the most comfortable Skate Haven possible.

New Game, Old Faces

Blast takes full advantage of the different characters introduced in the Subway Surfers universe, such as Tricky, Fresh, and Jake, as they make appearances throughout. The game encourages you to start your own crew of subway surfers, teaming up with familiar faces, as well as friends and players from all around the world!

A cool feature in Blast is the new team tournaments, which brings a competetive side to the series. Taking part in your newly gathered team will enter you for a chance to win some generous rewards!

You can download Subway Surfers Blast now on Google Play.

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