The Best New Android Games This Week – Rush Rally Origins, Comix Breaker, Old Friends Dog Game and More

Every week here at Droid Gamers we like to pick what we think are the five best new games to have landed on the Google Play Store over the last seven days. Come rain, shine, or a bunch of not-that-great games coming out, we’re there for you.

This week we’ve got one stonkingly good racing game, a virtual pet sim that’s all about looking after old dogs, and a a game all about trains. But with a Z, so that makes it cooler.

You can click on the name of the games below to head straight to the Google Play Store and download them. So, yeah, that’s pretty much explained everything. Here are the best new games this week.

Rush Rally Origins

A gorgeous looking, feature-packed rallying game that captures the edge-of-the-seat thrill of the motorsport pretty much perfectly. Loads of tracks, loads of cars, and loads of fun. This one’s a premium game that’ll set you back $4.99.

Trainz Simulator 3

Sure, it’s pretty niche, but if you love simulation games and you love trains then this one is going to be an absolute treat. There are different trains to drive, different maps to drive them in, and loads of different carriages to haul. It’s a premium game and it’ll cost you $7.99.

Comix Breaker

A free to play, cartoony take on some of the ideas that built Slay the Spire. Build up a deck of cards, use them to fight monsters, make choices as you go that can buff and de-buff you. It’s not super original, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Kingdom of Arcadia

A retro, side-scrolling platformer that’s earned some plaudits on the other platforms that it’s landed on. There’s combat, jumping, dodging. Throw in a pretty big world to explore and you’ve got yourself an old school treat. This one’s premium and will set you back $2.49.

Old Friends Dog Game

How could we not include a game that lets you house and take care of a bunch of lovely old doggos? You need to earn their trust, rub their bellies and make sure they’re as happy as they can possibly be. It’s free with IAP and ads, though.

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