The Best New Games for Android This Week – Guns Up! Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield and More

Friday has doffed its cap to the prevailing market trends and scuttled off into the night, wondering where the time went. And by our reckoning that means it’s time, once again, for us to round up the best new games that have landed on the Play Store over the past seven days. 

It’s a pretty interesting bag this week, from remastered versions of bonafide mobile gaming classics, to gloopy sequels and super-stylish auto-runners. There’s not quite something for everyone, but that’s probably because we limit these to five entries and there are more than five people in the world. 

You can click on the names of the games below to swoop off and download them from the Play Store. Unless otherwise mentioned they’re premium as well. And if you’ve got your own new fave that isn’t included on the list, make sure you let everyone know about it in the comments section. 

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield

A fearsome and frantic auto-runner that reflects and refracts other classics to create something pretty darn fresh. It’s slick and swaggering, it’s got an amazing soundtrack and there’s a pulse running through it that’s hard to ignore. The controls take a bit of getting used to, and it lacks a little nous, but it’s still well worth checking out. 

Slime Labs 2

A squeezy, squishy physics platformer that sees you leading a puddle of gloop through a series of challenging levels. Jump, ooze and fire out your long pink tongue in order to survive. It’s a pretty darn challenging experience and while there are some niggles, it’s sharp enough to keep you playing. It’s free with an IAP to remove the ads. 

Guns Up! Mobile

This one is offers some asynchronous tower defense PvP. You’re building up the protection around your base or else sending out your army to destroy the infrastructure of another player’s stronghold. There’s plenty of single player content too, if that’s more your bag. It’s free with IAP. 

Sengoku ACA NeoGeo

Another arcade blast from the past gets another spin in the spotlight as part of the ACA NeoGeo series. This one sees you brawling your way through an army of ghosts that’s somehow come back to earth, switching between characters to use their special skills. It’s got all the usual ACA NeoGeo tweaks too. 

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

In spite of what you might think about the directions the Angry Birds franchise has taken in recent years, the original game still stands out as one of the most important mobile games ever. And now you can play it in all of its 2012 glory. This is essentially a remaster, rebuilt from the ground up for modern devices. It’s 99c, there are no ads and no IAPs and it’s still brilliant. 


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