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The India Game Developer Conference 2019 – 5 Games to Look Out For

It’s been nearly a week since we attended The India Game Developer Conference in Hyderabad, yet the experience has stuck with us. This is largely due to the many promising games we saw during our time there.

Sadly a fair few were on Steam, but many were being developed for mobile – or were soon to be launched onto the platform. Here are five we think all Android users you should keep an eye out for, and why…

Meteora (Big Boot Games)

Winner of the Upcoming Game of the Year award, Meteora hasn’t actually been announced for mobile yet (just Steam and console) but the developer seems keen to bring it to smaller screens.

And we can see why, with the game offering trippy Tempest like thrills. You control a meteor hurtling into the screen – grabbing power ups and taking down other meteors in the process. It would work perfectly on mobile too, with space on the side of the screen perfect for virtual buttons and the limited movement would also suit accelerometer controls. Keep an eye out for this one…it could end up being out of this world.

Lights On (Seven Summits Studio)

Lights On is an adorable puzzler with an admirable environmental message. It’s targeted towards a younger audience but it’s easy to be taken in by its crisp visuals and gentle difficulty curve.

It asks you to power cities via various types of factory and the like – and you have to make sure you use the least amount of power possible for each level. Stages are short and sometimes take mere seconds to complete, but things get trickier as you progress. Catching the attention of Bill Gates (no, really) it’s no surprise this netted second place at the show’s Upcoming Game of the Year award. It’ll launch on Android in 3 months.

Gravity Shooter (Smash Head Studio)

A casual but highly enjoyable title, Gravity Shooter throws you into small 2D stages packed with obstacles and enemies and asks you to destroy everything that moves. What makes this interesting is that you can only move by shooting your gun, which has an infinite supply of bullets. It controls like a dream and there’s an enjoyable range of power ups to use.

Part Jetpack Joyride part Super Meat Boy, this will be worth downloading when it arrives on Android in the coming weeks. How long you’ll be playing it is another question though, with only 40 levels in place – although the developer tells us other modes and content are in the works.

Cursed Arena (Street Lamp Games)

This will arrive on iOS in February and it’ll be on Android soon enough, and is well worth looking out for as it offers up some pretty amusing action antics.

It asks you to control a group of animals around some small arenas avoiding various obstacles and enemies. What really makes this all work are the controls though, which are slightly wonky – making it suitably awkward to maneuverer your animals around the various deathtraps (which will eviscerate them rather horribly without hesitation).

Mystic Pillars (Holy Cow Productions)

Mystic Pillars is a…wait, we already talked about this one! You can find the article with more details on this premium priced puzzler here.

To learn more about The India Game Developer Conference visit the official website right here.

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