New Gacha RPG Witch Market Launches In Select Countries

The featured image for our Witch Market soft launch article, featuring a witch standing and looking at the camera in the bottom right. To the left of her is a cut off map of the game.

Witch Market, a game made in a similar vein to Bistro Heroes, has soft-launched in select countries. The countries in question are Canada, Hong Kong, and Philippines.

Witch Market is an RPG that deploys light gacha elements. The game’s story centers around Chloe, a witch who considers herself a genius, as she attempts to restore her reputation and former glory.

A Witch In Trouble

After the monarch banished the budding witch for attempting to learn eccentric alchemy, she’s got quite a few pieces to pick up. Chloe looks towards Greed Island and starts her journey there!

Fortunately, you won’t be going through this spiritual quest alone. Along the way, you’ll collect a variety of fairy tale companions to assist you.

On the island, you’ll be tasked with taking on a wide range of dangerous monsters, along with bosses that will weaponise magic against you. This is where your companions come into play!

Build up your team and test them out in different combinations to find your strong point, ridding the forests of any threat.

The developer, ThumbAge Co, has utilized 3D graphics to bring an immersive experience. The game’s minimal, anime aesthetic really helps the different stages of the game pop! That’s not even mentioning how gorgeous Greed Island looks.

Global Release

Unfortunately, ThumbAge Co hasn’t given any word on a global release for Witch Market yet. However, if the game’s release strategy is similar to any other gacha game of the last year that’s gone down the soft launch route, it’s safe to assume that we’ll eventually get a global release.

At this point, we’re willing to bet it’s more ‘when’ than ‘if’. Of course, this is just speculation, so you should take what we say with a pinch of salt!

If you’re in Canada, Hong Kong, or the Philippines, download Witch Market on Google Play now.

If you don’t have access to Witch Market yet, have a read of our article detailing the Best Android Gacha Games out now.

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