Angry Birds Golden Egg Walkthrough

Ahhhh the special Golden Eggs, hidden throughout the game the golden eggs are bonus stages that you can play that are either extremely hard or extremely entertaining. Finding them is a different matter though and although when you tap on an un-found golden egg in the level menu, the tip that it shows isn’t that informative at first. Well here are what the tips mean and where to find the Golden Eggs!

In no particular order:

1) For the golden egg that shows a “?” with and egg behind it – You can pause any level after you get the White bird and press the “?” button and the Golden Egg will be on that screen.

2) Treasure Chest with Golden Egg – In World 1 Level 8 you’ll see a treasure chest under the mountain. Tap it a few times and you’ll get your Golden Egg.

3) Golden Egg with sun – On the World select screen tap the sun in the background a few times to get your Golden Egg!

4) The “I” and Egg – On the main screen (the very first one with the Play button) tap the “i” icons that gets displayed when you tap the gear icon. Scroll through the credits until you see the Golden Egg, tap on it a couple of times and it’s yours.

5) Beach Ball and Egg – In World 1, second section, level 2 just destroy the beach ball and the Golden Egg is all yours.

6) Rocket and Egg – On level 5-19 you will see a structure that looks like a rocket. Use the white bird to drop an egg in the dead center of the two smaller towers and you’ll get your Golden Egg when your white bird volts into the air as it drops the egg. Thanks Regor for finding it!

7) 3 Stars Egg #1 – Get 3 Stars on every level in World 1 (Poached Eggs)

8) 3 Stars Egg #2 – Get 3 Stars on every level in World 2 (Mighty Hoax)

9) Boomerang Egg – On level 8-15 you can use a Boomerang Bird to get this Golden Egg. Thanks again Regor!

10) Egg in 4-7 – Zoom out and the egg will be sitting there on the cliff to the right. You can hit this egg with the Yellow bird.

11) 3 Stars Egg #3 – Get 3 stars on all the levels in “The Big Setup”. The exact method to getting the star isn’t known but the following is a suggestion I found: light up all the pig panels then hit big brother(a.k.a. red bird) to start the music and slide him to the right or back and forth. Thanks Broadleynine!

12) The Big Setup level 9-14 – Zoom out and you’ll see the egg on the bottom right wearing a hard hat. Use boomerang bird to hit it. Thanks Broadleynine!

13) The Big Setup level 10-3 – Hit the duck and the egg will appear. Thanks Broadleynine!

14) The Big Setup level 11-15 – Zoom out and the egg is under the slingshot platform. use the boomerang bird to hit it. Thanks Broadleynine!

15) Danger Above theme select – Go into where you can pick either theme 6, 7 or 8 in Danger Above and keep scrolling as if there were one more theme. You’ll see the golden egg hiding there.

16) Poached eggs – to get the star press group of birds, slingshot, TNT, any top bird, any bottom pig. Thanks Broadleynine!

17) Mighty hoax – to get the star press any two buttons on the radio simultaneously or turn the dial slowly until its in the middle of the 3rd and 4th lines then let go. Thanks Broadleynine!

18) Danger Above – to get the star press blue bird, red bird, black bird(with eyes closed), blue bird, green bird. Thanks Broadleynine!

Ham ’em High Zone:

19) Level 12-12: Destroy the Trophy in the middle of the level and you’ll get a new Golden Egg! This is labeled as ()-18 meaning Golden Egg 18. Thanks Phoenix8387!

20) Level 13-10: “If you zoom out you should see it hanging on a rock rope above the hanging TNT crate. Launch a white bird and then shot it’s way up there. As you would expect, it shows at level ( )-19.” Thanks Phoenix8387!

And there you have it. When more Golden Eggs are put into the game we will be sure to update this guide. Now go get your Golden Eggs and enjoy the really awesome bonus levels in Angry Bird full for Android! If you find any more Golden Eggs let us know in the comments below and we will add them to the guide! Thanks to everyone who have been reporting eggs that they find!

Editor’s note: I’ll be tidying up this guide and making it a bit more organized/numbered properly once all the new Golden Eggs are found.

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