Arcane Odyssey Bosses Guide

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Want to know about some of the heavy hitters in the Arcane Odyssey universe? Well, we can help you out. Our Arcane Odyssey bosses guide has the info you need on the biggest and baddest that the wild seas have to offer.

Arcane Odyssey is a huge open-world Roblox RPG, with sailing, magic, survival mechanics, and a vibrant world to explore. You will need to take to the seas in a variety of boats and face both natural and unnatural terrors to find answers about your past.

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Arcane Odyssey Bosses Guide

Here we’ll try and go over each boss with a little about them.

Story Bosses

These are bosses you will encounter as part of the main story, so no need to seek them out. Keep on the quests and you’ll find them sooner or later.

General Argos

The ruthless leader of the Brass Legion, he can be found at Fort Talos.

  • Health: 3000
  • Attacks: Melee

General Argos has a chance of dropping the following items.

  • Bronze Chainmail Armor
  • Cape of Ravenna Loyalty
  • Lance of Loyalty
  • Lion of Ravenna Set
  • Lion’s Halberd


A powerful mage found on Frostmill Island

  • Health: 400
  • Attack: Fire Magic

Iris has a chance of dropping the following items.

  • Vermillion Bracelet

King Calvus

The King of Ravenna, this guy is the biggest boss you’ll face in the story, and he’s definitely no pushover. You’ll find him at Castello Ravenna.

  • Health: 4500
  • Attack: Melee and magic.

King Calvus has a chance of dropping the following items.

  • Mantel of Ravenna’s Fallen King
  • Ravenna Fallen King Armor
  • Ravenna Fallen King Boots
  • The Lost Crown of Ravenna
  • Triasta of Bronze

Lady Carina

A Ravennan noblewoman, this aristocrat packs a mean left hook.

  • Health: 2500
  • Attack: Fists, regenerating health.

Lady Carina has a chance of dropping the following items.

  • Ravenna Apostle Bracelets
  • Ravenna Apostle Faulds
  • Ravenna Apostle Gi
  • Ravenna Apostle Leggings
  • Ravenna Apostle Pauldrons

Lord Elius

A Ravennan noble who can be found in the Dijn Ruins.

  • Health: 1200
  • Attacks: Thunder Magic, regenerating health, melee.

Lord Elius has a chance of dropping the following items.

  • Collared Cape
  • Noble Thunderspear
  • Ravenna Noble Armor
  • Ravenna Noble Boots
  • Scimitars of Storm
  • Shroud
  • Stormcaller


A ronin who can be found on Silent Ire.

  • Health: 300
  • Attacks: Melee, Acid Magic

Shura does not drop any items.

Side Bosses

These bosses aren’t essential to completing the story, so you might need to go on the hunt for them.

  • Check back soon for all the side bosses!

About Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. The game is a wide-open action RPG where you take to the seas and face down an evil empire. You are the product of unethical magical experiments, and escaped captivity, only to end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, with little memory of your former life. Set sail and uncover the mysteries of your past.

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