Blue Reflection Sun Reroll Guide

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Looking to get that sweet early-game boost? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our Blue Reflection Sun reroll guide! We’ll teach you how to perform the reroll when we recommend you do it, and some other general rerolling tips. Rerolling is a well-known practice in the gacha world, and by going down said route, you’ll be able to speed through the early stages of the game.

Blue Reflection Sun Reroll Guide

  1. Use a guest account to start the game.
  2. Play until you unlock your first gacha pulls.
  3. If you don’t get the selection you want, delete the local files and uninstall the game.
  4. Redownload the game, and repeat until you’re happy!

Note: This is a generic reroll process that applies to most gacha titles but may be subject to change on release!

Important Things To Note About Rerolling

  • Before you reroll, make sure you redeem any pre-registration rewards that you may have.
  • After a successful S-tier draw, bind your account so that you won’t lose your data.
  • Perform the reroll as soon as possible to make the most out of having an S-tier draw at such an early stage of the game.

What Is Rerolling?

In most gacha games, towards the beginning, the game grants you one or two free draws from a selection. Due to how difficult it is to unlock in gacha games, don’t take this for granted. At that point, you’re not limited by the tier you can get.

Because of this, you can find ways to re-roll the summon if you don’t get a draw that is of high value. Repeat the process until your rolls give you the S-tier summon of your dreams.

What Are The Benefits Of A Reroll?

Rerolls are fantastic for picking up the pace of the game, as having a high-ranking draw in such an early stage allows you to speed through the campaign.

It’s also got great longevity because you’ll be able to take that S-tier all the way through to the endgame.

What Is Blue Reflection Sun?

Blue Reflection Sun is a new RPG from the Blue Reflection series. It is set a year and a half after some strange ash began to fall on the world. This phenomenon has started to cause serious harm to humanity, and if that’s not bad enough, hostile creatures have begun to appear, posing a major threat.

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For more information on Blue Reflection Sun, check out the game’s official website.

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