Color or Die Update Guide – Pets, Map Changes And More

Feature mage for our Color Or Die update guide. It shows an in-game screen, with a character and obstacles that are black with a white outline.

There’s been a big update to Color Or Die, so what’s changed in this rainbow horror experience? Well, if you’ve not dared to try it out for yourself yet, we can give you the lowdown. Our Color Or Die update guide will go over what’s different.

Color Or Die is a Roblox game where you need to survive a tricky maze filled with colored walls…and you’re not alone there either! A creature stalks the labyrinth and wants to get hold of you, you’ll need to use the wall colors to your advantage.

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Color or Die Update Guide

Here we’ll try and outline what you need to know.


Pet, or Entities, are a new edition to the game. You can access a new Entities menu by hitting the button on the left of the screen. There are dozens to unlock, spread across Chapters One and Two. There’s also a Robux-only pet you can buy in the starting room, if that’s your kind of thing.

Map Changes

If you played before the update and try a new run you might find things are a little different than before. Some more obby courses have popped up through a few of the black doors. Some are quite tricky, so watch your step.

A New Chapter

Finally, one of the biggest new updates is that there’s now a Chapter Two. You can access it by collecting all the paintbrushes in Chapter One and making your way to the previously-inaccessible door in the starting room.

About Color Or Die

Color Or Die is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s a horror game where some kind of evil stickman is chasing you through a maze, and all you’ve got to defend yourself are buckets of paints and your wits. Use the different colors of paint to blend in with the walls to evade your enemy, and use the paint to open doors to new areas and buckets. Just be careful, once you’ve used the paint on the door you can’t use it to hide!

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