Color or Die Update Guide

Feature mage for our Color Or Die update guide. It shows an in-game screen, with a character and obstacles that are black with a white outline.

There’s been a big update to Color Or Die, so what’s changed in this rainbow horror experience? Well, if you’ve not dared to try it out for yourself yet, we can give you the lowdown. Our Color Or Die update guide will go over what’s different.

Color Or Die is a Roblox game where you need to survive a tricky maze filled with colored walls…and you’re not alone there either! A creature stalks the labyrinth and wants to get hold of you, you’ll need to use the wall colors to your advantage.

You can play Color Or Die on  Roblox. If you’re looking for Roblox freebies, check out our Project New World codes, Build-A-Bear Tycoon codes, and Sea Destiny codes.

Color or Die Update Guide

Here we’ll try and outline what you need to know.

The Prize Wheel

The latest update added a prize wheel on the left of the screen. You can spin the prize wheel once per day for free, or drop 99 Robux for an extra spin!

Prizes available include the following:

  • Extra Spins
  • Fast Shoes
  • A Pet
  • +1 Win
  • +1 Escape
  • +1 Life
  • Be The Monster – 1 Minute
  • Be The Monster – 100 Minutes

Curious about the last two prizes listed. That neatly leads us onto…

Be The Monster

This new feature allows you to take control of the scary stickman and hunt other players. Just like the regular monster, you can’t attack players that are on the right colored walls.. though it’s not that easy to tell as you can’t see much color yourself.

You active Be The Monster by speaking to the monster NPC in the starting room. Use the + and – buttons to add or subtract the number of minutes you want to stay as the monster. Then tap the button to head on in and start terrorizing others.

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