Demon Piece All Fighting Style Locations Guide

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Our Demon Piece All Fighting Style Locations Guide has the information on all the different Demon Piece Fighting Styles. As well as how to master them and how to unlock them.

If you’re ready to master the fighting styles for yourself, you play Demon Piece on the Roblox website. We also have some other posts you can check out, such as our How To Get Forest Nymphs Blade In Demon Piece and our How To Upgrade Weapons In Demon Piece post!

Demon Piece All Fighting Style Locations Guide

There are currently three different fighting styles available. We’ll be sure to update this post if any more fighting styles come out, or we get any more information on any existing ones!

Black Leg Fighting Style

This is one of the stronger fighting styles, so try and use it!

  • Mastery Level 0– Collier
  • Mastery Level 65– Party Table
  • Mastery Level 150– Spectre
  • Mastery Level 250– Diable Jambe

To obtain the Black Leg Fighting Style, head over to Baratie to the top floor. Remeber that Baratie can only be accessed if you’re on level 100+. Once you’re there, find the NPC Sanji! When speaking to him, he will ask you for 150k Beli in return for giving you the Black Leg Fighting Style.

Electro Fist Fighting Style

This is another powerful Fighting Style, so make sure you aim to get it!

  • Mastery Level 1– Electro Luna
  • Mastery Level 75– Electric Dash
  • Mastery Level 150– Electro Claws

To get the Electro Fist Fighting Style, go to the Skypia island, which you can have access to once reaching levels 315+. Find the Golden City, where you will find the Carrot NPC. Speak to the NPC, and they will ask for 200k Beli, which you can use to buy the Electro Fighting Style.

Fist Fighting Style

This is great if you’re a beginner, but try and get the other fighting styles asap if you want to progress in the game.

  • Mastery Level 10– Unlocks Smash
  • Mastery Level 20– Unlocks Tackle

To get your hands on the Fist Fighting Style, make your way to Logue Town Island and find the Khabib NPC. If you give him 1k Beli, he will teach you the Fist Fighting Style.

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