Gran Saga Reroll – How To Guide

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If you’re looking for a Gran Saga reroll guide, you’re in the right place. If you’re a little disappointed with the characters you get on your initial draw, don’t despair! We’ll show you how to get as many tries as starting out your roster as you like.

Using this, you’ll be able to score some high-tier characters to supercharge your run in no time.

Gran Saga Reroll Guide

  1. Play through the prologue and check your gacha draws. 
  2. Go to your menu.
  3. Select ‘Settings’.
  4. Tap the ‘Data Linkage’ options.
  5. Select ‘Cancel Data Linkage’. 
  6. Once you’ve done this, your account will be reset, and you can play through the prologue again. 

Important Things To Note About Rerolling

  • Make sure that you don’t link your data until you’re happy with the characters you’ve got. Once you’ve linked an account to other devices, you will be locked in. 
  • On the other hand, once you have a lineup you’re happy with, you can link your accounts to make sure they’re safe in case of losing a save. 

What Is A Gran Saga Reroll?

In gacha games, you will generally get a number of free rolls for characters in order to get you started. Because these are limited and the rolls are often random, you could potentially end up with a set of characters that aren’t super useful. 

Rerolling is a way of getting another try at setting yourself up with the characters you want. 

What Are The Benefits Of Rerolling?

Rerolls are a good way of kicking off your playthrough with some extra speed and power. It can make getting through the early stages faster and get to more exciting content later on.

It also means that you will get the most possible use out of the highest-tier characters, while relying on luck you might not get them until far later in the game, if at all. 

Gran Saga is a multi-platform MMORPG that brings some dazzling graphics to the table. You’ve got a huge world to explore, an epic story to follow, action-based combat, and a huge roster of characters who you can customise and make your own.

Want another helping hand to kick your run off? Try our Gran Saga codes guide.

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