How To Claim Pre-Registration Rewards In Honkai Star Rail

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Ready to get those sweet pre-reg rewards in Honkai Star Rail but not sure where to find them? We can help! Our guide on How To Claim Pre-Registration Rewards In Honkai Star Rail cover when you claim your free items, and how to do it.

Honkai Star Rail is the newest title from the gacha game giant, MiHoYo, and the latest in the Honkai series. It takes place in a wide, spacefaring civilization as you board the Astral Express and explore many wide and beautiful worlds.

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How To Claim Pre-Registration Rewards In Honkai Star Rail

Here we’ll try and cover everything you’ll need to know.

Unlocking Your Mailbox

Before you can redeem your pre-registration rewards, you’ll need to unlock the Mailbox feature in your phone menu.

To do this you’ll need to play through the starting area. This means getting through the section with Kafka. You’ll then choose and name your Trailblazer, making your way down in the elevator after defeating the first boss. You’ll then make your way through the first mission with the Astral Express crew.

How To Redeem Rewards

Once you’ve unlocked your mailbox, do the following steps to redeem your free rewards:

  • Open your menu/phone.
  • Go to your Mailbox, the letter icon on the far right of the screen.
  • Navigate down to the pre-registration reward message in your inbox.
  • Hit the ‘Claim’ button at the bottom of the reward message.

About Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail is a new RPG from MiHoYo where you take on the role of The Trailblazer, an artificial human implanted with the powerful and destructive Stellaron inside your body. With your new friends, you set out on the Astral Express to search for answers and right wrongs all over the galaxy.

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