How To Enter The Chamber of Secrets In RO-Wizard

Feature image for our RO-Wizard guide on how to entre The Chamber of Secrets. Image shows a Roblox wizard in robes in a black and green room.

Stuck on how to enter The Chamber of Secrets in RO-Wizard? This guide will show you the location of The Chamber and how to enter it.

Inspired by Harry Potter, RO-Wizard is a Roblox game where you can work your way through a school filled with secrets for you to find. By learning different spells and runes, mixing potions, facing monsters, and duelling with other players – you can become one of the best wizards there is!

Can you find The Chamber of Secrets yourself? Have a go and play RO-Wizard on Roblox. If you’re already a wizard but need some help in the game, we have a guide on Ro-Wizard Gems if you are struggling to find them.

How To Enter The Chamber of Secrets In RO-Wizard

The first thing you need to do is transport to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Once you’re there, walk the halls until you see a brown door with a large cobweb inside of it. Use your spell to remove the cobweb and walk through.

To open The Chamber of Secrets, you need to type ‘Othailiamus’. The Chamber will open and you need to get inside and jump through the hole in the floor. Be careful as once you land, you’ll start taking damage straight away so make sure to use a defense spell.

You’ll then find an outline of a door on the wall. Take out your wand and use the Wingdarium Leviosa spell on the green ball in the corner of the room. Use your wand to place the ball in the holder to the right side of the door (so it matches the left side). The door will then open up.

Walk through the door and there you go! You’ve made it to The Chamber of Secrets. You can easily teleport back out at any time.

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