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How To Play The Intruder – A Beginner’s Guide

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Ready to take on a disturbing challenge and face an unnatural foreign presence in your home? Well, we’re here to help. This How To Play The Intruder guide is here to give you the lowdown on this terrifying game.

The Intruder is a Roblox game that brings the horror of The Mandela Catalogue and combines it with a twist of Five Nights At Freddy’s. There is an intruder in the house. He doesn’t know where you are, yet. You want to keep it that way.

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How To Play The Intruder Guide

Here we’ll try and cover how to play The Intruder and give you everything you need to know.

Your First Night

When you start The Intruder, the only map available will be the House map. Head there.

The house map takes place inside one room inside your house. In the room you can find a phone on the desk, a manual on the bed, a CCTV monitor in the center of the room, and a closet against one wall, it’s the door with no handle.

The Intruder

Shortly after loading in you will receive a phone announcement that the lines will be unavailable and that there is a criminal loose in the area. After this message ends, the Intruder will appear somewhere in your house. It can try to come after you in several ways.

  • Through the bedroom door. You will know this is happening when you hear footsteps outside the room and knocking or rattling of the door handle.
  • Through the vents. You can tell this will happen when you hear the noises of crawling, voices, or you see him in on the vent system camera.
  • Taking out the power. You know this has happened if you see the Intruder near the fuse box on Camera 7, and the cameras and lights cannot be used.

Anxiety And Awareness

There are two counter on your screen, one for Anxiety and one for Awareness, these both need to be kept as low as possible.

  • Anxiety measures how frightened you are. It rises slowly with the lights on, and much faster when the lights are off. If it reaches 100, then you will pass out from panic. You can control your anxiety by keeping the lights on when possible, and by using the cameras to check the location of the Intruder.
  • Awareness measures how well the Intruder knows your location. It counts up when noises such as the phone start. If it reached 100, it knows where you are and it’s all over. You can manage Awareness by silencing noises.

How To Survive

Your objective is to survive the night. To do so, you need to do the following tasks to deal with situations that arise.

  • When the Intruder is far away from the bedroom, watch it on the cameras. Pay close attention to it approaching Camera 6, which is right outside.
  • If the Intruder is outside the door, turn off all the lights, get into the closet, and shut the door. The door may open when you’re in there. If it does do not move.
  • If you hear noises in the vents, turn off all lights. Stay extremely still until you hear the vent shut.
  • If the phone rings, go over and interact with it to silence it.
  • If the power cuts out, go to the fuse box at the back of the room and remove the old fuses. Go to the front of the room and collect new fuses, return the to fuse box and place the new fuses inside.

Other Maps

There are a number of other maps in The Intruder that you can unlock. These bring their own challenges and problems.

The Mall

Unlocked after you beat the first map. In The Mall you play a mall cop on an overnight security shift. This map allows more places to hide in the form of lockers, but makes resetting the power a longer and more complicated task.

The End?

Unlocked by completing The Mall. This is very different from the previous maps, and relies on you solving puzzles and evading The Intruder in a chase. Make it in, then make it out again alive!

The VHS Tapes

The VHS Tapes are three short extra levels you can play which give some extra stories and lore about The Intruder. You don’t have to worry about ‘winning’ these. Just experience them and maybe spook yourself a little.

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