Perfect Element Tips

Perfect Element has yet to be ported to Android (although it is slated to be ported shortly) but here are some tips you’ll need for when you do play it…

Level 1: The Outer Reaches

Boss: Salvage Rig

Description: This is a standard issue Salvage Rig, built to be tough and reliable for salvage operations in the harshest of environments.

Defenses: The Salvage Rig has no onboard weapon systems, but may attempt to use its automated claw to attack the Advent.

Weaknesses: The only known weakness of the Salvage Rig is the cable which holds up its automated claw.  The control booth on the bottom operates all of the Salvage Rig’s main systems, but unfortunately the Advent’s energy based weapons are useless against it.  Our only hope is to find a way to hit the control booth with a large, physical mass.


Level 2: Asteroid Belt

Boss: Gravity Grinder

Description: Gravity Grinders are typically used to clear paths through large asteroid fields.  Because of its ability to hold large fields of asteroids behind it in a gravitational field, they have been a popular target for hijackers.

Defenses: Reclaimed Gravity Grinders have commonly been upgraded to pull in and re-fuse smaller debris for the purpose of shooting them out at high velocities.  Asteroids that are held by Gravity Grinders are in a very strong, unstable gravitational field and will be ejected violently if their physical structures are altered.  Use caution when destroying them.

Weaknesses: When a Gravity Grinder grinds asteroids it must lower its core shield to expel debris.  After debris fusion, the Gravity Grinder enters a cool down period during which it cannot move and its core shield is disabled.


Level 3: Asteroid Base Assault

Boss: The Stack

Description: The Stack is a layered attack ship of unknown design.  It has the ability to arrange itself into different attack patterns and is rumored to have automated repair capabilities.

Defenses: Middle layers have large, retractable guns with the ability to fire energy balls, slugs, and guided missiles, and automated repair capabilities.  Little is known about the command center at the top of The Stack, but it is likely to be far more dangerous than all of the other layers combined.

Weaknesses: Middle layers can only be damaged when layer doors are opened and the command module will only lose its shielding once the other layers are completely destroyed.  The more damage you do, the quicker The Stack will attempt to repair the damage, so you must not let up with your attacks!


Level 4: Deep Space Pursuit

Boss: SuperSquid

Description: SuperSquids are large, intelligent, aggressive deep space creatures.  FSA biologists have little data on living SuperSquid behavior – all knowledge has been gained from research on recovered SuperSquid corpses.

Defenses: SuperSquids have been reported to use the following attacks on their victims:  Spitting acidic vomitus at them, sucking them into its mouth and eating them, calling in large hordes of squid babies, capturing ships and using them as weapons, and charging.  The front tentacles, which guard the face of the SuperSquid, can regenerate quickly if damaged.

Weaknesses: The SuperSquid has no known weakness.  Disable any captured ships, destroy the sensitive front tentacles, and then hit it in the face with everything you’ve got.  The best you can hope for is that it will lose interest and go elsewhere.


Level 5: Through the Wormhole

Boss: Symbiote Cruiser

Description: The pirates’ mothership, referred to by the pirates as the Symbiote Cruiser, is the only known ship to have survived an encounter with a SuperSquid.  It is rumored that highly unethical biomechanical experimentation has been taking place on this ship.

Defenses: Large, heavily armored, rapid fire gun turrets are likely to be your primary threat.  A space debris protection system is likely to be in place, which will fry the Advent if it gets too close.  It is also likely that the pirates have affixed death rays to their ship.  This highly illegal weapon is a red beam of pure anti-matter and can destroy a much larger ship in a matter of seconds – it will destroy the Advent instantly upon contact.  Other unknown defense systems are possible.

Weaknesses: Shields are likely to be concentrated on the gun turrets and bridge, so begin by weakening the hull.  Once sufficiently damaged, the pirates are likely to shift power resources and leave other parts of the ship vulnerable.

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