Zenonia Walkthrough

This is the complete walkthrough for Zenonia. All credits go to the original author (Kealon) of this and everyone who helped out with it over at the Gamevil Forums. If you want to talk to the author just head over to the Gamevil Forums, there is a specific thread just for this guide. We also have a thread dedicated to Zenonia here at Droid Gamers should you have any questions as well. Nothing was changed except for some formatting, everything else has been kept in it’s original form. Have fun!


Table of Contents

Chapter one: Items

Potion stores

Item Girls


Chapter two: Leveling

Levels 1-30

Levels 38-68

Chapter three: Boss Battles




Ghost of Ladon





Chapter four: classes and builds







Chapter 1


Items from the Potion Lady

Potion (S)

85 Gold

HP Restore 200


Potion (M)

171 Gold

HP Restore 400


Potion (L)

342 Gold

HP Restore 800


Potion Extract (S)

315 gold

HP Restore 20%


Potion Extract (M)

633 gold

HP Restore 40%


Potion Extract (L)

1,026 gold

HP Restore 60%



80 gold

Hunger Restore 10


Sushi Roll

160 gold

Hunger Restore 20



Soft Bread

240 gold

Hunger Restore 30


Raw Meat

320 gold

Hunger Restore 40



400 gold

Hunger Restore 50



480 gold

Hunger Restore 60



560 gold

Hunger Restore 70


Rib Tips

640 gold

Hunger Restore 80


Fatty Bacon

720 gold

Hunger Restore 90


Old Wine

800 gold

Hunger Restore 100



Pumpkin Pie

880 gold

Hunger Restore 110



960 gold

Hunger Restore 120



1,040 gold

Hunter Restore 130



1,120 gold

Hunger Restore 140



1,200 gold

Hunger Restore 150


Combine Scroll

1,000 gold


Teleport Scroll

800 gold


Repair Hammer

800 gold




Special Items from the Item Girl

Origin of Life

2,000 gold

Revive without penalty (HP&SP Full)


Origin of Life (*5)

10,000 gold

Revive without penalty (HP&SP Full)


Origin of Life (*10)

20,000 gold

Revive without penalty (HP&SP Full)


Examine Scroll

2,000 gold

Examine unidentified items


Examine Scroll (*5)

10,000 gold

Examine unidentified items


Examine Scroll (*10)

20,000 gold

Examine unidentified items


Magic Candle

10,000 gold

Lights up the dungeon for 72 hours (Also reveals the mini map)


Heaven’s Peach

10,000 gold

Keeps you full for 72 hours


Holy Medicine

18,000 gold

Gives you 50% more experience points for 48 hours


Feather of Oblivion

10,000 gold

Increases your carrying capacity by 20% (100% max)


Hammer of Ladon

10,000 gold

Increases your item durability by 20% (100% max)


Stat Reset Stone

Price: 30,000 gold

Description: Resets all stats and returns all points back to you


Skill Reset Stone

30,000 gold

Resets all skills and returns all points back to you


Drink of Stamina (*5)

10,000 gold

SP full restore


Name: Drink of Stamina (*10)

20,000 gold

SP full restore


Drink of Stamina (*30)

60,000 gold

SP full restore



Walkthrough Levels 1-30



After you watch the delightful opening cutscene, you’ll find yourself waking up to a bad dream. Watch the scene, and afterwards head outside. After the scene, you’ll have free reign around Ayles. Take a walk around town, get the feel, and when you’re ready, smash the boxes on the southwest part of town. Enter the house with a potion on it, and talk to Billy. He’ll give you a tutorial on how food works, foreshadow a bit, then give you a really heavy package. Mr. Brown is fairly hard to miss, look for the huge golden question mark at the north end of the map, and lumber on over there. Mr. Brown then tells you to find Tender, whose house is all alone behind the Item Gal in the northeast. When you regain control of Regret, you’ll find that your first job is available from the Item gal. Accept it, then head southwest to the weapons/armor shop. During the scene, Greg tells you to chop down the Cori tree that Tender holds so dear, while Billy foreshadows a little more off screen. You’ll get a couple more job offers around town. Accept both of them, then head to East Ayles. You’ll get a stone-moving tutorial, and shortly afterwards your first taste of battle.


East Ayles

Kill enough slimes to fulfill your two assignments, and feel free to train as much as you like (I would recommend being at least level 3 at this point). When you feel ready, head to the eastern part of the forest and hunt 5 spin bugs. Return to Ayles when you feel amply trained and get your rewards from Benny, Dustin, and the Item Gal. Get one more job from Dustin, then go back through East Ayles, and into Garlic Lake.


Garlic Lake

Your first order of business here is to fight off 7 Mucakas. In case you didn’t know, those are the big brown bears walking around. Don’t think too much about hunting them, you’ll spend enough time training in this area anyway. Get yourself as strong as you please (I would recommend being around level 8 when you enter Cori), then head up the north path to the Cori Woods.


Cori Woods

This area is just one big scene. You’ll find the tree guarded by a Dragon Warrior, and hide in the bushes. He spots you, but thinks he’s looking for someone else and leaves. Billy gets mad, then leaves too. Chop down the tree and get out of there. If you haven’t yet killed 7 Mucakas, do so now then head back to Ayles.



Return to Dustin for a small reward and an explanation behind dark merchants, and then make your way back to Greg at the weapons/armor store. It turns out he was just being greedy, and Tender yells at you a few hours later. The scene gives you your next mission of finding Rokane in the big city of Adonis, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Adonis is located out the east side of Garlic Lake.



After speaking to Rokane in the building with a moon and star south of where you spoke to Sun immediately upon entering, you’ll be faced with one of the big decisions in the game. Saying yes will put you far down the Evil side, and saying no will put you on the Good side. It is possible to reverse this decision, but you have to do either a lot of good or a lot of evil for that to happen, so choose wisely. Either way, your first order of business will be to chase down Roland for a stolen scroll. Before you depart the city, pick up quests from Rina, Philia, Juno, and Medium. Juno can be found in the blacksmith on the west side of town, and Medium is located in the restaurant one building to the left. When you’re ready, head South of Adonis for some training and story progression.


South of Adonis

Hunt your monsters, train accordingly, and when you’re ready to progress, talk to Roland on the southern end of the map. He’ll escape, so after the scene head back to your guild. At your guild, you will be given the next task of seeking out the Cave of Deceit. Pick up any and all of the jobs you want, make sure your equipment is well-repaired, and head back to South of Adonis. Head to the south end of that map, then east out of the next. Once there, you will be treated to an argument between two nymphs, after which you will be allowed to enter the cave. I would recommend training yourself to level 15 before entering.


Cave of Deceit

The first enemies you see will be level 15 bats and level 16 zombies. They all poison you, so be prepared. To the right of the purple sludge moat you’ll see a small block puzzle blocking a chest. Stand in the space that isn’t trapped and push that stone up. Break the three boxes to the right, walk around, and claim your wooden vest. Head out the north door into another chamber. The chest you see immediately is a Mimic, so only fight it if you feel you need the experience. Otherwise, follow the path right. When you get to the fork, know that the south path takes you to another mimic. On the north side of the fork you’ll come to another block puzzle. Push the only one you can one square to the right, break the box, walk around, and push the final one two squares up. Every chest in this open space is a mimic, so don’t bother. Just head out the right side of the map.

The only point of interest in this room is the Origin of Life, which you can obtain by crossing the bridge on the right side of the map. Push the stone into the socket, then claim the chest that appears. Afterwards, prepare yourself for the boss, save the game, and head in.


Boss Battle: Pale

Here’s your first taste of boss fighting. You’ll immediately be informed that there are three switches on three corners of the map. In order to damage Pale, you must first place stones on all three switches. Once that task is accomplished, Light will shine through, and Pale will be vulnerable to your attacks. Pale himself isn’t too big of a threat, it’s his army of zombies that he can summon at any time which have some serious killing power for the unprepared. Focus as little on the zombies as you can, and isolate them from Pale as much as possible. One strategy if you have enough HP and defense to take it is to lure yourself into a corner. Bring Pale with you and stick yourself in a corner of the map, that way, you won’t be bothered by his zombies, but at the same time you have no escape if your life drops too low. Either way, pound on Pale until he falls, which shouldn’t be altogether too difficult.

After the fight, you’ll be given the option of destroying the seal. Saying yes adds to your evil rating, and saying no adds to good. The cave collapses, and you appear outside. The nymph of your affinity (Langue for good, Parole for evil) will comment on you being heavy, and then you’ll wake up in your grandfather’s house. After that scene, head back to Adonis and report to your guild. A long, story-filled scene will ensue, and when you regain control you’ll be in the snow city of Hades.



After you get a feel for the town, your first order of business should be at your respective guild. Either path you choose, your destination will be the Sky Bridge. Before we head out there, though, you have a couple quest and item opportunities. Take the job from Ian and anyone else you feel deserving in the town, then head about halfway down the stairs to the south. Two tiers from the top, follow the skinny path to receive a Mother Earth. When you’re done exploring the town, take the exit east, and be treated to a scene. You’ll finally be able to continue your mission when you regain control outside of the inn. Head out to the East Hades Snowfields, and train/finish jobs as necessary. When finished, head out the south side of the map, along that winding path, where you’ll watch a scene, then be forced into a battle.


Boss Battle: Choi

Choi’s just a beefed up regular enemy. Keep your health high, hit him with your best stuff, and he’ll fall without much trouble. One strategy that works particularly well with a Warrior with rage or an assassin with a high critical rating is to run either above or below Choi (seeing that the bridge allows for two tiles to walk on), and to continuously pound him into the wall. After the fight, you can return to Hades for your reward, and another mission. Head back to the snowfields.


East Hades Snowfields

Head directly east here, follow the path on the far northeast of the map, and wade through the water for a decent weapon for whichever class you chose. Head out the east side of the map to the Argos Monument for another scene. When it finishes, head back to Hades and return to your guild. Your next mission will be to either protect or destroy the seal of Despise. Before you leave, talk to the Chief of Hades for a useful job and a comical scene, repair your equipment, and make your way back to the sky bridge.


Sky Bridge

When you enter this area, you’ll see that the cave entrance is blocked. Lucky for you, there’s a switch on the south side of the map. Head directly south, breaking both sets of ice cubes, and resist the tremendous urge to push the stone blocking the chest upwards. Instead, run on top of it, and push it south as far as it will go. Claim your coral ring from the chest, then push the stone all the way right onto the switch. Now that the area’s clear, cross the bridge, break more ice cubes, and head into the valley of Despise.


Valley of Despise

Heading up the staircase immediately to the right of the entrance will lead you to a chest with a Wild Jacket. Train in this room if you feel the urge, otherwise head around the perimeter of the map until you reach the next area.

The chest you find north of your starting point is a mimic, so don’t bother trekking up there. Instead, find the stairs on the left side, and walk across the walkway. At the top of the next staircase, you’ll see a small block puzzle. Push the middle block left, then push either the one above or below left until you open a path. Continue down the path.

As a side note, this room provides excellent training opportunities. Borjiginos are incredibly abundant, and you can corral 6 or 7 of them to beat down simultaneously. When you’re ready to progress, head through one of the many possible paths, and out the north doorway.

In this large area, head right the first opportunity you get, and proceed up the stairs and around the ground floor to another block puzzle. Smash the middle block, push the one it was blocking forward, then break the two cubes at the top. Follow the path until you reach a chest containing a Stone Gem. Make your way back to where you started, but head north instead of south at the fork.

The only point of interest in this room is the helm located in a chest at the far north end of the room. Once you reach that chest, go out the left side of the map. Before you head off to face the boss, go south at the fork and claim an omni herb from the slightly concealed chest. When you’re mentally and physically prepared, enter the boss chamber and prepare for a fight.


Boss Fight: Vague/Vicious

If you chose the good path you’ll fight Vicious, otherwise you’ll have to take on Vague. Either way, both opponent has fast, powerful attacks which you should be mindful of at all times. Don’t let your HP drop below half, and if it does, run laps around the arena while healing yourself, and go right back to fighting when you’re amply healed. Especially keep up the attack when their HP falls below ¼, as they are able to heal themselves.

After a lengthy cutscene, you’ll get orders from your guild to seek out the Seal of Greed, located near Chronos. In order to get there, make your way back to the sky bridge, and head east.


You Should Be Around Level 30

Levels 38-68

We left Levels 31-37 blank because most of it is a simple puzzle and grinding in the Desert (bottom exit in the Desert Town, grind to 38).




Kill the scorpions ,which spawn right next to the door. Take the quest from the cook, which also gives some extra exp and money and some dumplings which will come use full for later, unless you want to sell for quick cash.


43 – 47

When you go into the shrine, kill the golems and those spiders for some easy exp as for some reason they are easier than the monsters outside which are lower level. Just kill those until you see fit.


45 – 48

Go to the griffins and kill those, they are a nice place to level as there aren’t too many or too few and perfect for that sneaky little AoE skill. Make sure you have taken the quest from Lyer in the inn.


48 – 50

There are two ways:

1. When you ghetto that little dialogue bit, kill those fat things and they are placed so well that its just 1v1 because the others can’t attack you. Use an AoE as well because it’s just a big bonus. They also drop a lot of silver armor.

2. Kill those wrath knights, they are many and spread out so its a personal match. They drop a lot of silver too!

Now if you haven’t yet, go kill Ladon. Go get ‘im!


50 – 56

Go get yourself a magic candle from the item gal and go into the shrine of shame.

Get the quest from the two guys outside. The cook will give you dumpling for killing the spiders. Once you can, get yourself an exp scroll, its just so fast… Make sure you kill the books too as they are so easy and lots of exp.


56 – 60

Kill the dogs (for the quest) and wraiths. Beware they are strong and have a ranged attack so that’s a meanie for assassins. But they drop quite often. You can always got back to the spiders if your equipment isn’t good enough.


60 – 68

Go kill the boss and then go to Ladon’s cave, skip the knights as they have a ranged attack so that’s a no-no. Go kill the guardian swords and take a few exp scrolls and a load of hp pots. They drop Triton swords so often so it’s a great place to farm money.


Boss Battles

Before you go into a boss room save incase you fail miserably or your iTouch/iPhone dies, or incase you throw it at the wall in delight as you beat the boss.



When you go in your fairy friends will be with you. The door locks and you can see the undead. Ooo scary. Now your instinct is to go and clobber the boss but as you will find out the hard way, he heals and won’t die!


Note: There will be zombies, which randomly follow and attack you. Pale will summon them but they are weak and just a nuisance. Focus on killing pale or running away from pale to get the zombies in a line and use a skill to hurt them all.


Step One: Go to the bottom left and quickly put the rock onto the button.

Step Two: Quickly leg it out and go to the top left and put the rock onto the button.

Step Three: Do the same thing for the button on the top right. There will be some dialog and then you can now beat up pale as much as you want. Try to kill him fast, or else the zombies will slowly kill you.


Letter Carrier

This is a mini-boss and is located on the bridge in Hades, and depending on your side (good/evil), it will have a certain name:

Once you have encountered this mini-boss, start to attack, keep attacking for 2 -3 seconds and then try to move away to dodge his sword swipe. Repeat until he’s dead.

If the Letter Carrier hits you on two or three of his swings, you will instantly die if you are an Assassin or Paladin. Warriors can withstand more hits, but not much.





The boss fight against Vicious or Vague is a simple one. You fight Vicious if you are on the Good side and Vague if you are on the Evil side. For this boss, you should bring in 4 potions. Save before you enter the battle. For this boss, go inside and constantly hit the boss. Vicious and Vague are extremely powerful and once they hit you a few times you will die.

First use weaker attacks and no SP usage moves. After draining the bosses’ health to 50% use a half of your SP on your most powerful moves. Once the boss is at 25% use the rest of your SP (now 50-65% full) and you will have won.

Ghost of Ladon

This boss is a tricky one. This one might last long so you will need a bit of patience.



1. Take around 20 60% hp pots to be safe (i used 10)

2. Make sure you have the best armor for your level.

3. Make sure you have the best weapon.

4. To not be disappointed and keep dying when attempting him,

try him at either level 42/46/49 when you can get the sets.

5. Take around 6 Origins of life depending on your luck.


This boss will have some dialogue and then your in the fight. The bridge will be blocked and you are in this small space. He will use skills such as fire balls if you go too far. When you are 3-4 spaces in from of him, he will attack you with the bottom of his head. He will also use a skill where he disappears then lunges at you, when this happens, move up or down one space and he will miss you.

Now go to the bottom right and wait until he uses the attack with the bottom of his head, he will go purple after he attacks. Lets call this the purple move. Once he goes purple move up one space and attack him. then run back down to the bottom right space. He will use the purple move again and this time move back three spaces, go up one, go as far right as you can, this will be enough time to dodge his attack and hit him. if this doesn’t work for you, (because probably your not an assassin)move only one space left or right.

This is the way i did it and took me, 3 – 6 minutes, 10 minutes top. This boss doesn’t take 20 minutes or an hour as some people say. Unless you try at a very low level.

The spaces to move in: These are the bottom right spaces, under ladon.


[ ][ ][ ] * (Ladon here) The u means where you should stand

[ ][ ][ ]


Move one:

[ ][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][u] Now you will be hit, now hit him untill he moves away.

Move two:

[ ][ ][ ]

[u][ ][ ]

Move three:

[u][ ][ ]

[ ][ ][ ]

Move four:

[ ][ ][u] hit him!!

[ ][ ][ ]

Rinse and repeat untill he dies!





Lord Virulent/Lady Charity


Lord Virulent and Lady Charity are pretty easy to defeat.

For Lord Virulent, all you do is run around the big cave and not let him hit you with his attacks. Virulent will occasionally launch a Mateo-like move, but if you move around it’s easy to dodge. Go up to Virulent, make him attack with his fire, dodge and use you screen clearing move (Mateo, Thunder Storm, etc.). IF you do not have a screen-clearing move, get one. If you can’t, then you have to win the hard way, go up and grind him.

Do the same for Lady Charity, run around, then come in.

By defeating either one of these bosses, you unlock Archangel, which isn’t too effective for it requires all of your SP, but only helps you hit/do damage when your screen-clearing move does more.



Suprisingly, these are the easiest bosses in the game. Even Pale, the first boss, is tougher than Ladon and Osiris.

There is no specific way to defeat these bosses. For Ladon, when his head is purple (vulnerable) attack him with your screen-clearing move. Osiris has been one-hitted before, here’s a picture. Just attack these bosses until they are dead. After beating Osiris, the game ends and you start again in the place before you be Osiris and Ladon, don’t bother trying again, it just ends up in the same place.


Character Classes


There are three classes in the world of Zenonia. The first being Warrior, second Assassin and third Paladin. Each class has it’s own perks. This is the section of the guide where we explain the perks of each class and give you builds and help you on where to put your points in. For each of these builds, follow the path and you will eventually end up in the same place.



The Warrior is a very strong class. Warriors do damage and rarely die. If you’re the type of player who likes to run into a mob and destroy each monster without caution, the warrior class is for you.

Warriors are melee-fighters. Warriors use their sword and sword-attacks to destroy their enemies: this means you should focus on boosting your Warrior’s strength. Put most of your points into STR for a successful Warrior journey. Here are some Warrior builds for you to use. Warning: Look at the Level of the build to make sure its right for you.


Warrior Build #1: Attack

Level 90



STR: 362 AGI: 98 CON: 98 SPI: 98



Crash: 1/10

Rising Spire: 1/10

Double Strike: 10/10

Panic Shout: 0/10

Blessed Armor: 5/10

Berserk Spirit: 10/10

Shining Blade: 1/10

Mateo: 7/10


Grace Of The Crow: 10/10

Recovery Of The Eagle: 0/10

Focus Of The Archer: 10/10

Eye Of Lynx: 10/10

Howl Of Lion: 10/10

Wrath Of Dragon: 10/10

Strength Of Bear 2/2


Warrior Build #2: Defend

Level 20



STR: 50

AGI: 38

CON: 54

SPI: 31



Crash 1/10

Rising Spine 1/10

Double Strike 5/10


Grace of the Crow 4/10

Focus of the Archer 6/10

Eye of the Lynx 2/10



The Assassin is a quick, killing machine. The Assassin has increased speed overall: it runs faster than the other classes, attacks faster than the other classes, and in many people’s experiences Levels faster than the other classes. The Assassin uses daggers so it attacks and deals 2x the damage. Here are some builds.


Assassin Build #1: One on One

Level 50



STR: 115

AGI: 108

CON: 100

SPI: 60




Frenzy Sword: 10/10

Ice Spear: 1/10

Chain Lightning: 1/10

Thunder Storm: 9/10

Burning Spirit: 1/10

Invisibility: 1/10



Grace of the Crow: 5/10

Will of the Unicorn: 4/4

Recovery of the Eagle: 5/5

Agility of the Lynx: 2/2

Wrath of the Dragon: 10/10


Assassin Build #2: Screen Clear

Level 58



STR 130

AGI 126

CON 86

SPI 86




Frenzy Sword 2/10

Ice Spear 1/10

Chain Lightning 10/10

Thunder Storm 8/10

Invisibility 1/10


Grace of the Crow 10/10

Will of the Unicorn 4/4

Recovery of the Eagle 10/10

Agility of the Lynx 2/2

Wrath of the Dragon 10/10



The Paladin is much different than the other classes. The Paladin uses magic to defeat its enemies. The Paladin, unlike others, can heal itself with its magic abilities.

Paladin Build #1: Pure Attack

Level 20



Str. 45

Agi. 42

Con. 36

Spi. 50




Compact slash 6/10

Soul Impact 4/10



Grace Of The Crow 1/10

Howl Of The Lion 8/10


And that’s it for the guide, hopefully you found this useful. As I mentioned, all credits to the author and people who helped out! If you find anything to add onto this guide, needs correcting or fixed, please let me know!

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