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PSA: You can swap the SSHD from your Nvidia Shield Android TV to a new SSD

The XDA Forums always has some good content to check out, especially if you’re into modding your Android device using ROMs. However, a user has figured out a way to swap out his SSHD in his Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro with that of another new SSD. The Pro version already comes with 500GB of storage, but if you want to increase that, or put in a replacement SSD or another reason, then you can do it now.


Khronos launches their Vulkan 1.0 APIs today for developers to snap up and start using them

You may or may not remember back in August of last year when we reported on Google making the official announcement that they would be using Khronos’ Vulkan platform for Android developers to use its low-overhead graphical APIs. In a nutshell this is supposed to improve performance by providing developers more direct access to the GPU itself. Developers can manage memory and multiple threads on their own instead of leaving it up to the driver.


DroidGamers Daily Deal: Learn coding by making games with Unity3D for 82% off

Back in the first half of October, one of the Daily Deals we had was a game development course bundle which was on sale. A lot of people were interested in that bundle, especially since it offered a lot of focus on using Unity3D which is great for cross-platform game development and is one of the more popular game engines to use when making games. Well that deal is back for those of you who missed it last time.


DroidGamers Daily Deal: Mobile app design with Sketch 3 for 91% off

Yesterday’s DroidGamers Daily Deal was all about learning to develop for Android through examples, having built 10 full functioning real world applications by the time you’re done the entire course. When you strike out on your own after that, you’ll have a better idea on how to code applications for Android. While coding is an important aspect to building an application (or game for that matter), design is also equally as important.


Want to add Android TV support to your Minecraft: Pocket Edition game? Here is how to do it.

So while we were just watching the impromptu live Q&A Session on Twitch by Mojang about Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, a conversation came up with us about Android TV support for Minecraft: Pocket Edition. While nothing was officially announced for Minecraft: Pocket Edition in regards to Android TV support during the Q&A Session, it is incredibly easy for you to add it yourself.


Want the new rare Galaxy S6 card back for Hearthstone, without buying a Galaxy S6? Here’s how.

Hearthstone is Blizzard’s popular virtual CCG for multiple platforms including mobile handsets that’s based on the World of Warcraft universe. Recently, Blizzard released a custom card back that was made exclusively available for those playing the game on a Galaxy S6. If you don’t have a Galaxy S6, but you’re OCD about collecting every card back in the game, that means there will always be one missing from your collection… or does it?