Day: 24 July 2015


Nitrome does it again. Vault is an entertaining, but challenging game.

Nitrome has a string of hits on Android. It seems with every release, they are trying something a little bit different, but strangely enough, totally within their ever unfolding wheel house. Their latest game Vault, is an endless runner, and it is downright fun to play. It isn’t easy, but when you string together several vaults, one right after the other, you feel pretty good about it. In short, it is worth a download to play.


Like minimalistic games like Pivot and Bing Bong? Well now there are three new ‘reborn’ ones available

We’ve reported on pretty much most of Nickervision Studios’ releases on Android, mainly because they are pretty fun and enjoyable minimalistic arcade games. There’s Pivot, Bing Bong, and others that have been released over the last little while, all of which are pretty fun. Three of those games now have new ‘Reborn’ versions, all of which have been released today on Google Play.


Grab up Ducktales: Remastered for only $0.99 for a limited time

Ducktales, the classic NES and Gameboy games from Capcom from that was based on the Disney cartoon, was Remastered a few years back, for console systems current at the time, as well as mobile operating systems such as Android. Given the quality of the game, it’s not difficult to see why Disney and Capcom would be asking $9.99 for the game, nor that the original releases saw a million sales each. Fortunately, it’s now on sale for only $0.99.