Day: June 10, 2015

Game News

Recoilman is an upcoming fast-paced platformer heading to Android later this year

Recoilman is the first game from a new game development studio called Foam Creature which will be arriving onto Android later this year. Apparently Recoilman is almost too macho of a superhero, and that even his moustache alone can get a phone number with barely any effort. He also used to be evil but got sick of corrupted bankers and politicians. He’s a bit confused.

Game News

New Richard Morgan Game Book, called A Land Fit For Heroes, is coming soon

Soon to be released by Liber Primus Games,  A Land Fit For Heroes is a new RPG gamebook, based on the bestselling Richard Morgan trilogy of books of the same name. The gamebook will be released for both Amazon Kindle Fire and Android on Google Play. The author of the trilogy will be collaborating with the developers, and the time period of the game book it will be set to run parallel to The Steel Remains, book one of the trilogy.

Game News

505 Games reveals that Brothers – A Tale of Two Son will be arriving onto Android soon

505 Games today unveiled their entire E3 2015 line-up and while a lot of the games on that list are for non-mobile platforms, or are mobile games but ones that have been out for a bit now, there was one little gem hidden amongst everything. That gem is the critically acclaimed Brothers – A Tale of Two Son and the fact that it will be arriving onto Android soon.