Day: June 10, 2015

Game News

The world inside the Age of Wushu MMORPG for PC will be coming to Android soon in Age of Wushu Dynasty

Snail Games has officially announced that an Age of Wushu game, based off of the company’s PC MMORPG title of the same name, will be coming to Android in the near future. While the original game is a full-fledged MMORPG for PC gamers to play, and has done pretty good for itself since its release, this new game will actually be a bit of a spin-off called Age of Wushu Dynasty.

Game News

DarkPath Studios releases the first trailer for their upcoming first-person mystery Ouya game Nowhere: Lost Memories

DarkPath Studios has announced their new first-person mystery adventure game called Nowhere: Lost Memories, which will be coming to the Android-based game console Ouya in the near future. Along with the announcement of this game is the first teaser trailer that will give you a little bit of an idea of what to expect when this game launches.