Chillingo and Codemasters team up to bring Battle Decks to mobile later this year

Chillingo has announced a new partnership this morning with Codemasters which is to bring Battle Decks to mobile devices in the future. As you may be guessing from the name of this game, Battle Decks is a collectible card combat game where you will be going head-to-head with other players using custom build decks of cards.

Battle Decks is an upcoming mobile game being developed by Codemasters and with this new partnership, Chillingo will be publishing it onto iOS and Android. Players will be able to collect over 1,000 cards which they can use to build their decks, all of which feature advanced and near future style units and weaponry. Once you’ve built up your deck to how you want it, you will go into combat with another player, moving units around on a battlefield in a style similar to a strategy board game.

Codemasters is one of the most respected development studios in the gaming space and Chillingo is proud to partner with them to bring Battle Decks to players worldwide. We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting new game that is certain to be the next evolution of card battlers very soon. – Ed Rumley, General Manager, Chillingo

While having great cards in your deck is a definite help when trying to beat other players, using good strategy and tactics is also helpful. So you may not have the best cards but you can still beat people if you know how to use what you have well. The cool thing is that you can change the perspective you’re viewing the battlefield in, so you can get a good look at everything before deciding on what to do and who to move/attack.

While Battle Cards has been announced as coming to mobile, there is no specific release date, only that is will arrive later this year. When it does launch, Battle Decks will be free to download and play with optional IAPs available, most likely for booster packs of cards.

Publisher Website: Chillingo

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