DroidGamers Daily Deal: Mobile app design with Sketch 3 for 91% off

Yesterday’s DroidGamers Daily Deal was all about learning to develop for Android through examples, having built 10 full functioning real world applications by the time you’re done the entire course. When you strike out on your own after that, you’ll have a better idea on how to code applications for Android. While coding is an important aspect to building an application (or game for that matter), design is also equally as important.

You can have the greatest application in the world, but if the design and user interface are terrible, it will never see the success it could have been seeing. Sketch 3 is a platform that allows for anyone to design their applications to how they want, as well as the user interface. This includes best practices and how to approach building a user interface that focuses on being user friendly.

Mobile App Design with Sketch 3 Features:

– Over 80 lectures and 8.5 hours of content
– Create mobile app designs from scratch
– Navigate the Sketch 3 interface
– Approach app design with a focus on user experience
– Understand best practices for UX research
– Create an idea, research, mock up, design, and prototype
– Deploy assets to developers
– Create custom icon packs

Of course if you only want to code applications and games, the user interface designing aspect is still important to know and understand, even if you aren’t actually doing the designing yourself. You’ll at least know how the user interface and other aspect of your application should be and can code appropriately for it.

This course is currently on sale for 91% off its regular price of $299. So for the next ten hours, anyone wanting to pick up this design course can do so for $24.99. After the ten hours is up, it’ll return to its regular pricing. There’s 6 hours left (at the time of writing this) in that sale for the Learn-by-Example Android development course we featured yesterday as well, in case you want to pick that up also.

DroidGamers Deals: Mobile App Design with Sketch 3

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