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DroidGamers Daily Deal: Learn-by-example Android development course at 90% off

Depending on how you learn to do things, you either learn by reading and studying, by watching, or by doing. While most of the other course we have had go on sale are reading/watching and then practicing type of courses, this one is all about learning while doing.

The Learn-by-Example Android Development Course is just as it sounds, you’ll be learning to develop for Android while doing a variety of examples, having them explained to you while you actually make apps. By the time you’re done this course, you will have build 10 full complete working Android applications.

Learn-by-Example Android Development Course Features:

– 59 lectures featuring 11+ hours of content
– Build 10 working Android apps
– Learn the technologies & APIs essential to Android development
– Use the Junit testing framework to build a news reader app
– Utilize the Google Maps Android API to build a directions application
– Use the YouTube API to create a YouTube app
– Experience using Android Studio & Eclipse ADT
– Includes royalty-free source codes
– Receive a certificate of completion

Usually this course costs $199 but currently it is on sale for 90% off. So for the next 24hrs you will be able to buy the full course for $19 instead. After the sale time ends, it’ll go back to its regular price.

DroidGamers Deals: Learn-by-Example Android Development course

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