Day: 28 October 2015


Nintendo confirms that their first mobile game will be arriving this year. Will be debuting it tomorrow.

A lot of people have been eagerly waiting to see what Nintendo will release onto mobile platforms since the announcement of the company’s partnership with DeNA. So far Nintendo has confirmed that they will be releasing five games onto mobile platforms between now and April 2017. While Nintendo has been pretty quite about what franchises will come to mobile, and what those games will be, we do know that they are involved in the upcoming Pokemon GO game. However, it isn’t confirmed as to whether or not that game is part of their upcoming five titles they plan to release.


Google increases the max pricing limit for apps and games on Google Play

Up until today anyone who publishes an Android game or application onto Google Play had a limit as to how high of a price they could charge. If you’ve been using Android since it was released, you may remember a long time ago a few applications popping up that were ridiculously priced, ranging from $99-$200. We’re not sure what happened to those but we do know the average pricing of apps and games on Google Play is between $0-$5, with a decent amount being $5+ but rarely over $10. Square Enix, of course, is one of those exceptions to the rule, with games regularly priced at $10-$15.


SPYR will be co-publishing a new mobile game called Retro Shot, arriving this December

SPYR has announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Super+ Games to co-publish the company’s first mobile game called Retro Shot. Super+ Games is a new development studio that was formed by former Rovio Angry Birds team members. While Super+ Games has a lot of experience making games, it is interesting to see them partnering up with another company for publishing.