Waffle Game Today Answers – May 26!

Waffle Game today answers

Looking for the Waffle Game today answers? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ve included the solution to today’s puzzle so you can beat it without the effort it would usually take.

What’s more, we will update this guid every single day so you always have the answers you need. With that in mind, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back daily – or whenever you struggle.

For those not in the know, Waffle Game is a daily puzzle game – similar to Wordle – that plays a bit like a quick crossword. You have to figure out the words on a waffle-shaped grid by shifting letters around. You can play it on the official site.

Waffle Game Today Answers

  • Top Down: Amass, Ennui, Delay
  • Left to Right: Ahead, Annul, Slimy

Past Answers

May 25

  • Top Down: Scare, Adage, Dumpy
  • Left to Right: Shard, Alarm, Enemy

May 24

  • Top Down: Kebab, Idyll, Elude
  • Left to Right: Knife, Bayou, Bulge

May 23

  • Top Down: Torso, Retro, Elope
  • Left to Right: Terse, Ratio, Ozone

May 22

  • Top Down: North, Modal, Harry
  • Left to Right: Nymph, Ruder, Hilly

May 19

  • Top Down: Libel, Video, Rhyme
  • Left to Right: Lever, Badly, Loose

Waffle Game Today Answers FAQ

Still got questions? Well, we’ve got answers! Read on below for everything you need to know about Waffle Game and answers.

What is Waffle Game?

It’s a daily puzzle game that plays like Wordle meets a crossword. You have to shift letters around on a waffle-shaped grid to try and guess the correct words.

How Does it Work?

Letters in the correct place are green, while those that appear in the word in that place in the board but are in the wrong place are in yellow. Using these clues, you try and guess the words in each place on the grid.

Why Provide the Answers?

Each day that you successfully complete Waffle Game within the 15 shuffles you get, you earn stars. You earn more stars the less goes you get, and you also get an additional day on your streak.

Some people don’t want to lose stars, or a day on their streak, so need the answers to ensure this doesn’t happen. That’s why we provide them.

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